Glow Up 10g
Glow Up 10g

Glow Up 10g



A revolutionary Brow Lamination System that is gentle yet effective in restructuring the brow hairs, so they can be styled as desired.

Prep x Protect (10ml) makes the brows easier to work with by making them more flexible. It also moisturizes and protects the hair from breakage.

Lift Lotion (10 Packets x 1.5ml) is an Keratin Inflused Alkaline Lift Lotion.

Set x Tint Lotion (10 Packets x 1.5ml) is a 2-in-1 lotion. Hydrogen Peroxide based Neutralizer and Developer

Glow Up (10g) is a Keratin Infused Conditioning Treatment.

Note: Clients with sensitive skin or skin conditions are not suitable for the brow lamination service (regardless of the brand or formulation used). A patch test is recommended prior to performing an appointment to identify any sensitivities to the products. Performing Brow Lamination on a client with sensitive and/or contraindications may result in adverse reactions (e.g. chemical burn, rash, allergic reaction, etc).